Ford Motor Company’s Digital Participation Guidelines

Here’s a one-page PDF sheet detailing Ford Motor Company’s Digital Participation Guidelines.  Ford keeps it short and sweet, making some of the same points we’ve seen before in good social media policies: make sure you state on social media websites that your views are your own and not the official position of Ford, treat others

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The 8 Word Social Media Policy

According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, “One survey said that 68% of companies in the U.S. have a social media policy – but just 44% of employees who use social media say that they comply with their employer’s social media policy.”  This kind of disregard for social media policies can lead to the legal

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Employee Use of Social Networks Has Tripled

According to this blog post on the Holtz Communication and Technology blog, Palo Alto Networks has published it’s annual study on employee work time spent on social networks.  The press release on the study confirms that we have seen “explosive growth in global social networking and browser-based file sharing on corporate networks, with a 300 percent increase

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10 Ds of a Social Media Policy

It’s yet another post with some good guidelines to keep in mind while creating a social media policy.  But this article is particularly helpful and really lays out the most important aspects of a social media policy.  Creating a social media policy can prevent a lot of trouble – legal and otherwise – that companies can find

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5 Examples of Corporate Social Media Policy

“5 Noteworthy Examples of  Corporate Social Media Policy“, an article by Corey Eridon, highlights the policies of five companies: Best Buy, Oracle, Ford, Wal-Mart, and IBM.  Each company approaches social media guidelines in a different way, but each also offer important insights and ideas for an effective policy.  One common theme theme throughout almost all of

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Apple Terminates Employee Over Private Facebook Rant

A new ruling in te United Kingdom has made it legal for apple to fire employees who talk negatively about their jobs on Facebook. A “Genius” of an Apple store in Connecticut by the name of Samuel Crisp was the latest to be fired after making an angry post about his iPhone via Facebook. Although Crip’s profile was set to private word of the comments reached Apple management through a friend. Crisp was then fired, with Apple claiming the he had violated the company’s social media policy against making negative post toward the company. That decision when then uphelp by a government tribunal.

The case is just the latest example of companies firing employees due to negative comments on Facebook.

Making Social Media Part of Your Company Culture

Here’s a great article about how Zappos isn’t making social media a  business strategy, but rather recognizing that social media should be a part of the company culture.  Warren Whitlock of Xeno Press says, “Asking who should be doing social media is like asking who should have a phone on their desk. Assume everyone is

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Government social media policies

In his December 1 blog post, Gartner Vice President Andrea Di Maio recognized New Zealand for creating what he says is the best government social media policy so far. The New Zealand government has outlined its social media guidelines in two documents, Social Media in Government: High Level Guidance and Social Media in Government: Hands-On Toolbox. The first

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Leaked Apple Social Media Guidelines

Blogging and social media guidelines for the world’s most valuable company, Apple, have been leaked in a document published by 9to5Mac on December 2, 2011.  The guidelines talk about representing Apple well, and have a lot to say about leaking information.  The policy says: “As an Apple employee you have an obligation to protect the confidential, proprietary

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